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    The New MP8 and MP8 Black

    I.O. KyleDew
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    The New MP8 and MP8 Black Empty The New MP8 and MP8 Black

    Post by I.O. KyleDew on Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:40 am

    Covert has improved there already great MP6 2013 model to the MP8. I absolutely love my MP6s and if it is an improvement on it then I can't wait to try one out! Check it out at

    Technical Specs
    Adjustable 3-5-8MP resolution
    Color viewer
    28 red glow LED’s
    Time lapse mode
    Start stop mode
    16GB SD card capacity
    3 Adjustable sensitivity levels
    Operates on 8AA’s
    Time/date/temp/moon phase/battery life stamp

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