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    Why do you hunt or fish?

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    Why do you hunt or fish?

    Post by IOSherryHolt on Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:59 am

    Why I love to hunt ? Because i get to spend the time outdoors where i feel i am truly at home. Spending time with my soul mate and best friend my husband Hank . First and foremost it is the experience of sitting there closing your eyes and all you hear are sounds of nature (hearing the sounds of the Woodpeckers on the trees,the birds chirping in the bushes all around you, turkeys gobbling and clucking, the wind blowing against your face ,the buzz of the bees, the tree frogs croaking ,creaking of the trees swaying back and forth with the breeze and occasionally the bleat of a young deer) . First and foremost it is truly just becoming one with your surroundings feeling as if you have just faded into the background then and only then can you truly respect the animal and the harvest. Putting meat in my freezer comes after all of this. Always give thanks to Creator ,Mother Earth and all of the things you have enjoyed after your day is over whether you have harvested anything or not. Let's try to keep our young children involved in nature and being in the outdoors take them hunting take them fishing teach them to shoot a bow and or a gun .Teach them respect for mother nature and they will use that in their daily lives.
    I.O. Eric
    I.O. Eric
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    Re: Why do you hunt or fish?

    Post by I.O. Eric on Tue Apr 01, 2014 8:37 am

    It started with my dad taking me out mushroom hunting and fishing when I was around 3 ish. Then I grew up with a hill full of boys and we would spend all our time in the woods chasing frogs in the creeks. Grew up in the woods and just can't ever get the woods out of my blood it seems.

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