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    OTIS Tactical Pink

    I.O. Jess
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    OTIS Tactical Pink

    Post by I.O. Jess on Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:45 pm

    With this cleaning system OTiS Technology was thinking about the ladies...adding just a touch of pink. This cleaning system is contains cleaning equipment for different calibers and gauges (please check for specific info) I love the cleaning system, but does not contain a 20gauge cleaning brush...that is the only problem I have found with it. I am a fan of their cleaning pads and easy to use tools. The system is very compact and can fit in your hand pretty easy. This system also has a loop to slip a belt through. They put a lot of thought into the cleaning systems that they offer. You won't be disappointed, just makes sure you get one that fits your needs Smile

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